We believe that building a strong, inclusive team is essential to the success of any business.
And that life is too short not to do work that matters to you.

People, together,

build great


Prospect is a non-profit organization that connects talented people to Canada’s fastest-growing startups.

We’re not just another job board.

Prospect was founded with the belief that the current job board model is broken. Sourcing great talent has become a fragmented, fiercely competitive, and overly expensive process, particularly for nimble startups who are tested to do more, with less. It shouldn’t be this way, especially in a global talent shortage. We’re breaking the model by offering free, streamlined, and accessible hiring products for Canadian startups, no strings attached. Our core job board service auto-scrapes jobs from your existing career page so you never need to lift a finger.

We are putting Canadian companies on a global stage.

Canada is one of the best places in the world to build a company. Yes, we’re biased -- but for good reason. We graduate brilliant students, deliver world-renowned research, celebrate diversity, and are home to one of the most eye-catching innovation ecosystems. It’s no coincidence global tech giants are taking notice. It’s our moment, and we need to seize it. But in order to do so, we also must first unite to address the growing talent gap, nurture our current workforce, and open new doors to global talent. Prospect is uniting our nation on this shared vision, and we’ve only just begun.

Our products are free to use.

Seriously. Our products are completely free for eligible startups and job seekers. We “win” when these tools make it easier for you to find the right job, or the right person to join your team. It’s that simple.

We are built by the tech startup community.

Prospect is intentionally non-profit -- an organization owned and designed by the community it serves. Prospect is proudly powered by a network of tech organizations and ecosystem players that share our conviction for community, an eye for unconventional approaches to solving the human capital shortage, and a determination to see our startups build world-class teams. Together, we share a belief that a rising tide lifts all boats -- that only by working together can we make the biggest difference and advance Canada’s position in the global race for talent.

We are tracking and reporting on the live demand for startup talent.

Addressing the talent gap starts with knowing what that gap actually looks like. We leverage our technology to track the live state of talent demand at +1000 startups in Canada’s innovation economy, turning data into timely insights into the evolving demands of a globally competitive market.

Who we are


Marianne Bulger

CEO & Co-founder

Marianne is a multi-disciplinary strategist and entrepreneur with diverse experience in network intelligence, company culture, creative and inclusive design, and the future of work.


Prior to launching Prospect, Marianne was the Head of People & Platform at Golden Ventures, Community Lead at the Human Diagnosis Project, and co-founder of TechTO. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Human Rights from the University of York (UK) and an honours Bachelors of Arts from Queen's University.


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