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Prospect is designed to support the growth of Canadian startups and their teams. 

Founded after 2000

Defining a "scaling startup" is not easy. Our priority is to support the fastest-growing technology companies in the country. Alongside our other eligibility criteria, we've decided that the post-dot-com era of companies will be our focus.

Private, standalone company

As long as you're still pre-IPO or haven't been acquired, you're eligible to be listed. It's safe to say you're not a startup anymore if you've gone public or been acquired by another company. Note: You're still eligible if your company has acquired another company.

Canadian Global HQ

Prospect is designed exclusively to support Canadian startups in the innovation economy. In order to qualify, your global HQ must be located in Canada. If you are a Canadian company that has moved to another country, or if you are an international company hiring in Canada, we are not able to list your jobs.

Building innovative technology

Innovation can come in many shapes and sizes. Prospect supports companies that are building innovative technology intended to transform their sector/industry. You are not eligible if you are building technology on behalf of your clients or leveraging technology to sell a non-technology powered product.

At least 5 and no more than 500 employees

In order to ensure you're able to hire at pay fairly, we've set the benchmark at a minimum of five employees,  not including the roles you are hiring for. Conversely, scaling companies stop being "startups" at a certain point. We've set this number at 500.

Who is eligible?

In order to qualify to be listed on the job board, your startup must meet all of the following criteria.

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