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How much does it cost to post jobs on Work in Tech?

Nothing. It’s completely free to post on the national Work in Tech job board, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

How do I post jobs on the job board?

Work in Tech’s national job board is powered by an aggregation software that automatically pulls your job listings directly from your existing career page, wherever it is on the internet. In other words, you never have to post a thing as long as your career page is connected.

Keep your career page up to date and we will do the rest.

If you'd like to post manually, you can do so from the Getro admin portal (log in here). You will be granted admin access once your application is approved.

How often do you update my job postings?

The frequency at which we pull your listings depends on where you’ve posted your jobs. Most of the common ATS systems will refresh postings every day. If the career page on your site is not an ATS (it's a native part of your site), our system may have trouble syncing data from it if the page structure and code aren’t consistent.

How do I make edits to my company profile?

To edit your existing company profile on the national Work in Tech job board, you must login to your Getro admin account. Here you'll be able to make edits, including a new logo, description, and career page link. If you are not yet a manager of your account or want to claim an existing account, fill out this form. Note: Your email URL must match your company's website URL to gain access to an existing account.

What happens if my jobs aren't showing up?

If you decide to switch ATS systems, launch a new site, or change your career page link, your profile will become inactive and your jobs won't be listed on the national Work in Tech job board. To avoid this, you'll need to update the new career page link on your Work in Tech account as well. Click here to login to your Getro profile and make edits to your account. Not yet an account owner? Click here to request access to an existing company profile. Note: Your email URL and company URL must match to be approved.

Does Work in Tech integrate with my ATS system?

Sadly, no. But it doesn’t matter very much. If a candidate clicks on a job at your company on Work in Tech, they are automatically redirected to the listing on your site and can apply directly from there. If/when we do start tracking candidate info or connecting to ATS systems, we will let you know.

Does Work in Tech track candidate data?

We don't track any candidate data. If an applicant is interested in a job at your company that is posted on the national Work in Tech job board, they will be redirected to the posting on your career page and can apply directly from there.

If a job posting has been removed from my career page but it's still appearing on the job board, what do I do?

Old listings may take a few days to come down. Our system scrapes on a regular basis, but it isn't minute-by-minute. The frequency at which we update your page depends on the type of ATS system or code you are using. If you see old listings on your page, don't worry. They will come down within a few days.

For Job Seekers

Is Work in Tech free for job seekers?

Yes! Work in Tech is free and open to job seekers around the world.

How do I apply for a job that is listed on Work in Tech?

You can apply to any job on Work in TEch by clicking the “Read More” button next to the job title. This will take you directly to the job posting’s home on the company career page, where you can read more and apply directly to the role.

Is it possible to switch languages on the job board?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to switch the primary language of the job board. This is a feature we have flagged to our software provider and we hope it will be available in the near future.

I clicked a job but it no longer exists. Why does this happen?

Work in Tech's job board is powered by an aggregator that regularly scrapes websites for new information. The aggregator updates and adds new info on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on the type of system (or code) a company uses to power the career page.

Old listings on pages scraped less frequently may take a few days to come down. We apologize for the inconvenience, especially if you got excited about the role!

Can I save my filtered search for later?

There’s no feature for saving a search within the job board. However, we have a quick trick to solve this problem!

If you’ve been using the filters to narrow down your search, the website link or URL generated from your search will remain the same.

To make it work, plug in all your search criteria, such as the location, job function, or company size, and generate the results. Once you’ve got your requirements in place, copy the URL link in your browser bar and save it as a bookmark. By using this custom URL, you can return to your search anytime you’d like!