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What type of skilled workers are most in-demand at Canadian startups?


Where are Canadian companies hiring, within the country and around the world?​

How has COVID-19 impacted Canadian startups and workers in the innovation sector?


What are the most recent trends in demand for software engineering, by job function and language?

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Using startup job posting data collected by Prospect in Q4 2020, this report uncovers essential details about the most recent state of talent demand in Canada's innovation economy.

The State of Talent: Q4 2020

Using the survey data collected by Prospect and Feminuity, this report seeks to reveal important details about who was most impacted by unemployment during the COVID-19 crisis in Canada’s tech startup community.


The demand for skilled talent has captured the nation’s attention. With the arrival of COVID-19, we've sharpened our focus. This report explores the live state of talent demand at Canadian startups and the growing impact of COVID-19 on job creation.

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